Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Christmas (the novel)

We decided to go somewhere this year for Christmas. Thus the late Christmas cards. (You should be receiving them soon.) We opted for a warm, sunny Christmas this year in Phoenix, AZ. We left on Friday at 4pm and drove straight through. It was a long 21 or so hours, but we arrived at 2pm Saturday. Rebecca and Jason were still moving into their house. It is quite large compared to ours. Natalie sure loved the stairs.

Rebecca and I made fudge, Mexican wedding cakes, and peanut butter hershey's kiss cookies. We went Christmas caroling with Becca and her family on Christmas Eve and gave out the goodies we made. We had a great Christmas. How can you not with Jason, the toy man? It was so much fun to watch all the kids open presents. We opened them one at a time from youngest to oldest and then started all over again (just like we did growing up). I wasn't sure we would have room in the car for the haul our kids got. Jeff was excited about his PS3. He definitely wasn't expecting that! He wouldn't have had it if not for the Moose and Zee stuffed animals I sold with Erin ( if you are interested, as Erin still makes them). They sure helped with Christmas expenses this year, but it took so much time and I was so burned out by the time I got down to my last 2. We gave Jason Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy. It is a popup book with lightsabers that light up. I think its pretty cool and I don't even like Star Wars. He loved it! We had such a good time visiting them and didn't really want to leave.

We stopped in L.A. on our way back to visit Jeff's Grandmother. The girls had a great time again! The weather was great. It got into the 70s while we were there. Jeff's Uncle Gary spent quite a bit of time visiting with us (mostly with Alona). He looks so much like Jeff's Dad that Ashley kept calling him Grandpa. So his wife Beth told them to call him Uncle "Grandpa". They loved it. Even Natalie went right to him! We also got to see Aunt Roxanne and Aunt Elaine while we were there. The girls got to pick oranges off the orange tree in Grandma's back yard. It was overflowing with them!

We also visited with Jeff's Uncle Randy (his Mom's brother). He lives in Corona Del Mar about a 1/4 mile from the beach. We walked down the hill and went out on the jetty and then back on the beach so Alona could get her feet wet (the water was a little cold). Ashley didn't really like that so much. Then we went back to Randy's and the girls played magnetic darts with Randy. Maria (Jeff's cousin) came with her two kids and it was fun to visit with them.

We headed back home at about 1:30pm on New Year's Eve. We drove straight through again. We got home at 5am. We were tired and glad to be back in our own beds!

We hope you all had a great Christmas!

More of our Christmas Vacation (with Randy this time)

The girls had so much fun playing magnetic darts at Randy's place.

Alona couldn't wait to get her feet wet, but Ashley wasn't so sure about it.

We walked down to the beach from Randy's place. Alona was mad because she wanted to play in the water and didn't want to wait.

Jeff and Natalie at the Jetty.

Our Christmas Vacation

Uncle "Grandpa" and the Girls

Picking oranges at Great Grandma's

Hangin with Great Grandma

The Girls just love Uncle "Grandpa"

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