Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been awhile!

I know its been too long between posts! I have just been so busy.
I have been going to cosmetology school to be a Nail Technician. It is only on Saturdays, but I go during the week when I can get Jeff to stay home. I am almost done! I can hardly wait.
In May, I started out by hosting a baby shower for a friend. Everything we did ended up taking more time than expected. We made the invitations. She likes monkeys and especially one that is on a rug at Target. So we printed out the picture from their online store and used it as a pattern for our monkey invitations. They looked so cute! But, oh, the hard work! Kristi loved them and that is what counts. We planned a brunch shower. We only got 3 RSVPs. We ended up having about 13 people attend. We had quite the spread of food. It was so good. Especially the crumb coffee cake. It is from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. I recommend it! It has about 5 sticks of butter, but it is so good! My friend Jenel made it because she offered to help and I was running out of time. I made scones and biscuits along with a sweet butter and strawberry butter. I made 2 omelet rolls (pampered chef recipe) and deviled eggs. We also had apples with a peanut butter caramel dip. My friend, Jessica, and I planned the shower together. We made homemade bath salts and put them in mason jars with fabric decor on the top. It was a lot of fun. The grapefruit salts smelled the best!
The following week was Jeff's vacation. He accrued so much vacation time that he wasn't earning any more. Of course, I spent the week going to school in the afternoons, sewing a prom dress for that Saturday, and getting strep throat! What a week! Friday night I stayed up working on the prom dress. I went to bed at 6:30 Saturday morning and then got up 2 hours later for school. I had appointments all morning. Then I had a break in the afternoon, so I went home and worked on the prom dress. I went back to school and finished my last pedicure, only to go home home and finish the prom dress. Her dad came and picked it up because we were leaving to buy a tent before the store closed. That night we went to see Prince Caspian at about 10:00. I finally got to bed around 1 am. The next morning I got up for church at 9. I was really tired, but I went anyway. Cassie wore the dress to church, so I got to see her wearing it. She looked beautiful in it! It was a vogue pattern that was rated average. Average for vogue is not the same as average for other pattern companies! If I had known that, I would not have committed to finishing it in a week when I had school! It turned out well, and the girl a made it for loved it.
We were supposed to go camping over Memorial Day weekend at the coast. But as the weekend got closer, the weather report got worse and worse. Saturday was a nice day, but then it rained that night. Sunday was rainy as well. Monday started out okay, but then got more and more overcast. We had a barbecue with the Daltons and the Bostocks. That was a lot of fun. We even had smores! We toasted the marshmallows over the grill! The kids loved it.
This week I am trying to finish all of my school work. That will leave the testing and the state boards.
I also plan to do the quilting on the quilts I started for Ashley and Alona 3 years ago! I borrowed a quilting frame from the church, and just need to set it up. That will clear a lot of room in my sewing room. Quilts take up a lot of space.
I will try to update my blog more often. It is a constant struggle!
Oh, I guess I should mention that I have lost 7 1/2 lbs so far this month. Watch out Ruth! I am working towards those clothes you promised!

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