Sunday, May 9, 2010

Drew at 5 months

I have been slacking on my blog posts lately.  Things are busy here in Nevada.  We are still getting settled in the house.  It is taking a while, but things are coming along.  We love the sunshine here! 

Here are some pictures of Drew to help make up for the recent blog silence!

This is the first outfit I got for Drew- before we even knew we were having a boy!  I love it.

The hat got many compliments today.  I couldn't believe he kept it on the entire time we were at church!

We just love this cute little boy.

The other day I was trying to capture his big, beautiful eyes.

The girls just couldn't resist!  They are in love with this little one.

Ashley with her new hair clip that she made.

Alona with her braids all a mess!

The cheeks! Oh, how we love the cheeks!

I was sad that half his face got cut off in this one. :(

I guess I took too many.

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