Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting motivated!

So, I have been watching the tv series I Can Make You Thin. It has been very motivational. It was only five episodes, so it is over now.

In the first episode (which I missed) you learned to when you are hungry what you want (no diet foods necessary) consciously (pay attention to your eating and nothing else-don't read or watch tv)
4.stop when you are full (satisfied).

These seem like obvious things, but do we really do this? I definitely don't have a problem with the second one. It is not a quick fix diet, it is a change in your life- how you view food and yourself. It was really motivating- not just for eating better, but now I feel motivated to do the laundry and clean the house. It has definitely helped me so far.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen! It looks so nice and it makes me wish the backsplash was done. I also started some laundry, folded the laundry Jeff did yesterday and put it away. Jeff will be excited to know he doesn't have to fold it.
I am trying to finish organizing the sewing room (previously the play room). We bought wall cabinets and hung them, but they need to be loaded up with all my sewing and craft supplies. I don't know where to start. I just want all the extra stuff to disappear. I have too much. (I should be thankful as there are man who probably have too little) I wish Catherine would come and help me clean out all the things I don't need. She is the voice of reason (but probably not to herself as no one ever really does that for themselves).

I am also trying to make the curtains for the girl's rooms. They go to be when it is still light outside and they have a hard time falling asleep. The hardware is expensive- probably $50 for the roman shades and then I need a curtain rod for Natalie's curtains. I wish I could just hang up a sheet, but that would look horrible! At least I already have all the fabric (I've had it forever it seems).
I will post pictures when I finish.

I am also hoping to finish the slipcover for the sofa. So here is my review:
1. put sewing room together
2. make curtains
3. finish slipcover

I am giving myself till the end of April! Hope I can get it done. Check back for pictures of the finished products at the beginning of May. I will do it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More sewing! Amy Butler Bags

I started buying Amy Butler patterns a few years ago, but had never made any of them. After making the cushion covers for my sofa (previous post), I felt like I could sew anything! So I make the Weekender Bag. The fabrics are nowhere near a pretty as Steph's at craftaholic.blogspot. Her bag is absolutely to die for! But those fabrics are no longer available, and I just went to JoAnns. Her bag is an Amy Butler fabric from a previous line. I made mine in one day. I had a deadline because I was leaving for Tennessee the next day and wanted to use it.
I took the supplies for the Sophia Carry All with me, and I made two while at my sister's house (one for her 11 year old daughter- maybe she'll get me a picture so I can post it). Mine is in an Amy Butler fabric from the Nigella collection and the other was in a home dec fabric that my sister had (it is cute).

Sophia Carry All

Weekender Bag

The Sophia Carry All is somewhat big for a handbag, but it is great for church and toting all the things I need for the kids! This kind of gives a size reference.

Sofa Slipcover (for Catherine)

Here are 2 views of the sofa. As you can see, I am still not done. This slipcover is made from denim in Natural. I started this, oh, about, hmmm, over a year ago. We'll see if I get it done in another year or so. Actually, I plan to finish it in the next month or so. It's pretty much just the skirt that I have left to do.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Natalie's (Rock Band) Birthday Party

Yesterday was Natalie's 2nd birthday. We had some friends over to eat cake and ice cream and play Rock Band on the Playstation 3. What a blast!

Natalie is already a rock star!

Chase playing guitar.

Denver and Chase playing the drums.

Josh playing guitar.

Natalie crashing Thomas and Diesel 10.

Natalie just before she blew out the candles.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pictures with Aurelia

Isn't Aurelia lucky to play on such a beautiful piano? She played beautifully!

Aurelia and Me!

Here's Chris! (Aurelia's boyfriend)

Pictures from Catherine's House

Alona and Chloe were putting on lipstick.

Isn't Sophie so adorable!

Grandpa and Sophie

Sydney and Hunter

The three cousins(all born in 2003). There is a picture of them lined up in car seats,all just a couple months old, laying around here somewhere.

Sydney's Cake.

Dad's Cake.

Anna's Cake. (we actually just passed the same cake around to them all)

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