Monday, April 23, 2007

Home from Florida!

I made it back from Florida at 3 AM Friday. It was a long trip, but it was great! The five oldest girls (also the married girls) managed to get together there. It was the first time we have been able to get together without kids. Rebecca (the oldest of us) said she was expecting Dad to come in any minute and tell us to go to sleep-just like when we were kids and we would giggle and make noise at bedtime.
We actually walked on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Erin said she didn't want to walk as she had not brought the proper footwear, and the borrowed shoes she wore the day before were not the right size. So, we skipped our walk that day. We did manage to get a little walk in on the boardwalk. We went to Downtown Disney and had ice cream at Ghiradelli. We went to eat at the Olive Garden, Black Angus, Cheesecake Factory, and Rainforest Cafe. We managed to lay out one day and get some sun. My shoulders are beginning to peel and I itch like crazy from the sunburn that is finally going away.
Erin brought our journals we had "written" in with the help of our parents when we were very young. It was great to reminisce about our childhood experiences. We talked about how lucky we are to have such a wonderful Father who overcame his own upbringing and raised us so well. It is quite amazing what he did and the example he set for us.
I hope that the next time we get together like that Aurelia and Emily can make it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its been awhile!

Okay, so I have been a little busy lately.
Last week was spring break, so I didn't get much exercise in. I am still losing weight (very slowly). We put in a new sliding glass door at our house and got the linen closet door put in as well. Jeff and his dad started on the upper cabinets for our kitchen. They have two walls worth of cabinets done. Only one left to go on the uppers. We even got the cabinet for the fridge. I can't wait! We even tore up a few of he tiles. It is slowly progressing!
I am so excited for my trip to Florida with my sisters next week! I think it will be quite fun, and maybe we can all dye each others hair to cover the gray while we are there. Look out Florida, here we come!

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