Monday, March 31, 2008

March Travels

I decided to start traveling before Spring Break this year. On the 8th, Alona, Natalie, and I left for Tennessee. We visited Catherine (my sister) for 10 days. We wanted to go before Natalie turned 2 so she could fly for free. It was so much fun. Ruth and her two kids, Sydney and Hunter, came on the 15th along with Dad, Anna, and Morgan. On Sunday evening we celebrated Dad, Anna, and Sydney's birthdays. They were all that week, so we did them all at once while we were all together. It was fun to have all three girls together. Alona, Chloe, and Sydney are only a couple months apart in age. Catherine's baby Sophie is so adorable. She was getting a tooth and it was a little rough for her for a while.
We flew home on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I left bright and early for Utah to visit Aurelia (another sister). She was having her Sophomore piano recital and I wanted to be there. I went alone this time. She is so blessed to have so much talent. She plays beautifully. I got to see Grandma, Uncle Paul and Aunt Katy, PaulPaul, Daniel, Julia, Nicole, Aunt Roxanne, Cynthia, and Becca (another sister) and her husband and kids. We made cream puffs for the recital and served strawberries and ham, cheese, and rolls along with them. The cream puffs were a real hit. We went to Paul's place afterwards for crepes. Yum! We played Psychiatrist with the cousins and it was so much fun. One of our problems was we spoke with an accent when one person crossed her legs. It took Becca quite awhile to figure that one out. It was so fun! Even Aurelia's boyfriend and his friend enjoyed it.
I will post pics from my travels in a day or so.

The Oregon Coast

We went to the coast this weekend with some friends. It was about 44 degrees, but it was beautiful. It was almost 7pm by the time we got there. The sun was just starting to go down and we got some beautiful pictures.

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