Monday, August 31, 2009

Portland Getaway

With our house on the market, I am all for finding ways to stay out of the house to preserve the clean look. Since this past weekend was also Jeff's and Alona's birthday, we thought a weekend getaway would be just the thing! Our friends, the Walkers, were heading up to Portland, so we decided to team up (as Luke's birthday was also over the weekend).

We stayed at the Fairfield Inn. The main requirements were free breakfast and a pool. Jeff requested that we swim for his birthday because he hasn't really gotten to swim this summer. So swimming commenced upon arrival Friday night. We also got to swim Saturday morning and Saturday evening! The guys took the kids to OMSI on Saturday afternoon while Marianne and I headed over to Fabric Depot. Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese because it is Luke's favorite place. Funny how Alona wanted that for her birthday as well!

On Sunday, we contemplated swimming, but decided wet swimsuits in the car wouldn't be too fun! So we skipped the swimming and headed straight for the zoo. We planned to visit the Rose Gardens and Japanese Gardens, but got worn out at the zoo. The gardens paired with Marianne and my camera would have made some awesome family pictures, but it just wasn't in the cards. :( The zoo was exciting for the kids- Ashley and Alona brought note pads so they could write down all the animals that they saw. The train was quite a delight for all! It is about a 35 minute train ride that goes over to the Gardens and back to the zoo. The kids had a great time (and I am hoping the adults did as well)!

At Chuck E. Cheese:

The zoo:

Ashley writing what she sees.

There was a log the kids got to climb through.

The eagles nest.

Alona writing down what she sees.

On the train:

What a great way to celebrate!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Mother

There are days that I just miss my mother so much. I wish I could call her and tell her when I am having a bad day. I know she would give me words of encouragement. When I am struggling with something, she would help me to look on the bright side and become a better person. She would always lift me up and support me. She would love me unconditionally. She would welcome each of her grandchildren with love and adoration- she could make you feel like the most important person in the world with her love! She would only have kinds words to say about anyone. When I make mistakes she would still love me, help me to learn from them, and encourage me to do better, supporting me in my efforts to better myself. She would share her wealth of knowledge with me- and she sure has a lot of knowledge to share! I would love to call her and tell her about the cute things my children say and do, hear her laughter over it. It is hard to see my children growing up not spending time with her, getting to know what a wonderful woman she is. She is what I hope to become one day- the best role model I could ever imagine. She is a wonderful mother who loved me and wanted the best for myself and all of her children.
I know that she is aware of my bad days, the cute things my children say and do, and all of the important things in our lives. It gives me great comfort to know that she knows my children and one day we will all be together again.

Thank you for being such a wonderful mother!

For Sale!

Our house is now officially FOR SALE! I can't believe we made it! It has been pretty tough the last 6 weeks trying to get it ready. There was just so much to finish to get it ready as well as packing and cleaning. But thanks to the many friends we have, we made it. I really appreciate everyone who helped at the house and watched the kids for us! It is sad that we have really discovered just how much we are truly loved right when we have to move. I am very sad to be leaving all of the wonderful people we have gotten to know and love here over the last 8 years.

Here are the pictures of how the house turned out! (I even included the bathroom that we started tearing apart back in January- we finally finished it!)

The front view.

Living Room

Dining Room


Office/Den (This was originally a pink playroom and then became my sewing studio)

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2 (I am not sure this really shows off the beautiful tile work my dad did)

Bathroom 3

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're Having A Party

EVERYONE is invited! (I know a lot of you are too far to make it, so come if you can.)
You can also RSVP what you are bringing by leaving a comment here!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I had a nice break for the overwhelmed feeling I was having, but now it is back! We are at least a week behind in my probably unrealistic goal of having the house on the Market at the beginning of August. Over the weekend we had a great deal of help getting things done around here. Celina, her husband, and her nephew came and helped us get the garage cleaned out. That was no small task! The missionaries helped me pack up a lot in my sewing room. Louis and his dad helped Jeff with the remainder of the tree trunk. We weren't able to remove the stump, but there is no trunk sticking out anymore. Bridget helped me inside the house a bit. She packed the majority of my Tupperware and did some dishes! Jeff's parents came and did so much yard work. It really looks great! And Kristi watched the kiddos while most of that was going on. And we had a yard sale from 8am-12pm. What a day! Then we managed to get the backsplash grouted. Monday morning Marianne picked up some plants and then planted them in the empty planter areas in the front yard. What a relief it is to have so much done. We really appreciate all of the help we have been receiving from our friends and family.
This week Jeff and I need to clean EVERYTHING and paint the trim and the sewing room. We are going to stage the sewing room as an office and I don't think pink is an appropriate color for an office. It seems that no matter how much we get done there is just so much left to do. It is especially difficult because I am pregnant, therefore I can't lift a whole lot, get tired easily, and still don't feel great all the time. And with Jeff working, he has a limited amount of time that he can help out. I am worried about the effect all of this is having on the kids. I feel like they are getting deprived of a fun filled summer. I am trying very hard to do fun things with them so that it isn't all work for them as well.
I look forward to the house being finished and clean so that we can relax and enjoy what little is left of our summer!

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