Monday, August 25, 2008


Now that Jeff has officially given notice, I can tell everyone. Jeff is leaving Symantec. He got a job at Garage Games. It is a local company, so we won't be moving. It has come at the perfect time. Last Wednesday, Symantec announced that their IT department would be outsourced through EDS. That includes Jeff's position. It would maybe pay the same, but the benefits are lacking compared to what we currently have with Symantec. The very next day, he got the call for the new job. He is very excited to move out of IT, which is not what he went to school to do. He really wants to go into game programming, and this should open the door for it. He will be doing QA (quality assurance) work like he did at Symantec, but he should also be able to do a little more programming and eventually move to programming for good.
He starts his new job on September 8th. So I get to spend the next two weeks going to doctors and dentists. Tomorrow, Alona has a doctor appointment tomorrow morning and a dentist appointment in the afternoon. She has many cavities and it will take at least 2 appointments to take care of them. She was fine 6 months ago, so I don't know what happened. On Thurdsay, Ashley gets sealants on her 6 year molars. On Sept 2nd Alona has her second dentist appointment, and on Sept 4th I get to have a lump removed from my hand. We had to fit it all in while we have insurance that covers everything and uses up our flexible spending money.
With all that and 3 birthdays, the next 2 weeks should be really busy. Oh, and school starts Sept 3rd. And Alona is starting Kindergarten this year. Friday we are having dinner and a birthday party with Jeff's family. Saturday is Alona and Jeff's birthday and Alona wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese, Monday is Labor Day, Tuesday is my birthday, and Wednesday is the first day of school. At least we can rest on Sunday!
That's all the news for now!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This week....

Tuesday the kids played in the tupperware box. We ordered a few things and it came in a giant box. Who needs toys?

Wednesday night I made spelt brownies (from the Spelt Healthy cookbook). They were yummy!

Thursday was a friend's birthday, so I started making her a gift. I just finished it, but at least it is beautiful! Hope she likes it. In case you were wondering, it is the Amy Butler Swing Bag and Scarf/Sash pattern.

This week has been hot. It's finally a real summer. Saturday was over 100˚ F. Luckily, there is hardly any humidity, so it is actually nice!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camping adventures!

We went camping over the weekend and first few days of the week. We drove down to Southern Oregon and camped at Joseph Stewart State Park. Lost Creek Reservoir is part of the park and it flows to the Rogue River. We rented a boat on Monday and spent the whole day on the water! It was a blast! Unfortunately, we got too much sun. I got sick and Jeff, Jessica, and Josh all hurt due to sunburn. Ashley got burned on her shoulders, but Alona and Natalie came out with no injuries! We left a day early because no one could stand to be in the sun. All in all, it was worth it!

Alona coming out of the cold water at the "beach" area.

Ashley and Jeff at the beach.

Jeff and Jessica making breakfast before our boating adventure!

The girls playing at the campground.

Jeff and the girls on the boat.

Josh and Jessica on the boat.

Natalie and me in the middle of the lake!

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