Sunday, June 29, 2008

The quilts

I started making quilts for the girls three years ago. Then I got pregnant with Natalie. Of course, being as sick as I am when pregnant, I was unable to finish them. Then I was too busy with a newborn to start on them again. Then came the move to the new house, and all the remodeling that came along with it. So now it has been about 9 months without any excuse not to finish them. I got a quilt frame from church and it has been sitting there for a couple weeks now. I finally got it set up! I can't believe I am actually making progress! I feel like I have finally broken free of the grey clouds and am living in sunshine again (literally and figuratively- I live in Oregon after all). So here it is. I used the PBKids Kasey quilt as a basis for this one. I think Ashley will be grateful to have a quilt (finally- in the middle of the summer)! Then I have to quilt the one for Alona. It is already put together and ready to go on the frame when this one is completed. It is the same pattern.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

update on getting motivated

So in a previous post (titled getting motivated), I had a list of three things I needed to do. I haven't yet completed any of them!:) Oh well. Guess I've been a little busy. I did however, start organizing the sewing room. I got it cleaned up and got rid of the remaining kids toys. I even took some things to Goodwill (actually Jeff took them, but I put them in boxes and sent him on his way). I also washed my slipcover with the intention of working on it again, but got sidetracked with the wedding dress project. I got out the fabric for the curtains and looked at it. I need to get curtain rods for the curtains or I won't be able to hang them.
Plenty of good intentions here! Just not enough action! I did clean my kitchen and reorganize it and the laundry room/pantry. Got rid of some dishes as well! That is a project that I have been meaning to do since last fall. I can now find all my spices and seasonings!
And, I have added to my list of things to do!
1. finish putting sewing room together
2. sew curtains
3. finish slipcover
4. paint all the trim everywhere in the house (ugh)
5. clean Natalie's room (hahahahaha)
6. find somewhere to store all the ominous bins of girls clothes they will grow into some day, but can't wear yet so I have to find somewhere to put them........
7. RELAX (if I can find the time)

My sewing projects!

My latest sewing project was a wedding dress. It was already made, but it needed to be taken in and hemmed to be shorter. It is a strapless dress and has lace and beading. Not so easy. You have to take off the lace and beading to take it in. Oh, and the zipper too!. The hem was done with horsehair braid (not made with real horsehair in case you wanted to know) and sewn to the lining. Trying to figure out how to sew it together again was fun! I spent 13 hours straight working on it Thursday night/Friday morning (9pm-10am). The beadwork is tedious. I got it done and it looks beautiful. I will take some pictures at the wedding and post them.

Now that it has finally gotten warm, I need to make summer clothes for the girls! It finally got over 80˚yesterday! Of course it went from 72˚to 95˚and is supposed to go back to the lower 70s all in one week! I will take pictures and keep updating all the projects I do this summer.

I finished school!

For those of you who didn't know, I have been going to school to be a Nail Technician. I started the last weekend in October 2007. I finished on the 14th of June. Ashley and I got done with school in the same week. I went up to Salem to take the state test on Friday the 20th. I passed! Yay! I am now certified and can practice in Oregon. It was a lot of fun. Now I can do my own nails. On Tuesday, I did Ashley, Alona, and my toes. Then I did their fingernails too!

This is our fingers and toes! You can see the glitter better if you double click the picture! We did the gel overlay with glitter- so fun for summer and it usually lasts at least six weeks!

Natalie wanted a picture too! She can get hers done in a year or two!

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