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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things you find on your children's camera...

(If you are getting this via email the videos may not work.)

The kids' camera memory was full, so I plugged it in to see what I could find.  Here are a few of the interesting things we saw.  Oh man!  Kids sure are silly.  Of course, so is Charles!

Featuring: Aunt Rebecca

Featuring: Uncle Charles

Featuring: Grandpa Andrews, Aunt Aurelia, and Ashley's hands and feet

Featuring: Natalie and the Pampered Chef pitcher lid/mixer

Featuring: Backyardigans Tale of the Mighty Knights, the kitchen counter, and Natalie (just watch the first 15 seconds or so)

Featuring: Ashley, Alona, Natalie, Kristi's hair (for a split second), and the voice of Chase

Featuring: Natalie, Alona, and Ashley

Featuring: Ashley

This picture of Aurelia and Charles:

Natalie's out of focus silly face:

Someone's feet in the car:

A car we are passing:

Natalie with Drew's pacifier:


  1. These are absolutely priceless! I can't wait for the girls to grow up and see these-they'll laugh their heads off!!!


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