Thursday, February 17, 2011


That's how it seems to be right now.  Crazy. 

With friends and family coming in town for the weekend, we were hoping to get our house clean and organized.  Now we are just trying to get the house dry and have hot water again.

Yesterday morning Jeff came downstairs and walked into the living room.  A few steps in and water came up over his toes.  The carpet was soaked.  Our water heater had sprung a leak, water seeping through the walls and soaking part of our living room.  We called the property management company.  They called the home warranty company.  Of course, we couldn't have someone out to fix it til the next day.  They did, however, send someone to dry out the place.  We have fans in the garage and in the living room, along with a dehumidifier drying it all out.  They tore out the pad under the carpet, so our living room floor looks really funny.  We are hoping they replace the carpet because it is old and gross anyway!

Today they sent someone to fix the water heater.  Of course, it isn't up to code anymore so they said that would cost wouldn't be covered.   The property management company finally got things worked out and a new water heater is being installed as I type.   I've never missed showers and baths so much!

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