Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Okay, here it is!  I am giving away a tote bag.  This bag is approximately 13 inches wide, 16 inches tall, 4 inches deep, with 21 inch handles (making it a 10 inch drop).  It will have a pocket inside.  I was going to have a picture of the bag I made for my sister (same style but different fabric), but I don't have it yet.  The bag for the giveaway is under construction at the moment- I just finished fusing the interfacing to all of the pieces.  I will post a picture of it as soon as I am done (which will be by Friday afternoon).

This is the fabric.  The pieces are all cut out and ready to be sewn together.  The blue fabric is the outside and handles.  The green is the lining.  This bag will be perfect for a myriad of uses; carry your laptop, books, use it for shopping or work, as a travel bag, take it to yoga, use as an overnight bag or diaper bag, or a church bag.  It's up to you. 

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post OR the giveaway post at my other blog A Make It Yourself Mom's Diary- no need to leave a comment on both, though.  If you don't have a blog please leave an email address (you may leave it as address(at)mail(d0t)com if you would prefer).  Sorry this is only open to US residents.  I will announce the winner right here on this blog on Thursday, March 24.


  1. I would like a Laura Hojnacke Original ;-)

  2. You are an amazing person Laura! How do you do it all and still keep your sanity?

    Jessica Morrow

  3. Your bags are beautiful. I wish that I could sew...

  4. I love it! Everything you touch is incredible!

  5. Lovely! Rachel and Sabrina would like to enter to win!!!

  6. It is beautiful, I would love to have a piece a Laura around. However if I win, can you just send yourself here for a week instead ;)
    We all miss you!

  7. Is there still time? Can I enter? I'm with Bonnie though, can't you send yourself for the week?


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