Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last month Natalie turned 5.  (Remember the rainbow cake?)  Well she also had a party with friends.  It had a Power Puff Girls theme- well, the cupcakes were that theme anyway.  My friend Tiffany made the cupcake toppers.  Natalie absolutely LOVED them!  Here are some pictures.


  1. Great cupcakes and I can't believe she is 5 now. I remember going to her baby shower....... She's beautiful Laura!

  2. Cupcakes yummo! Maybe that is my problem, I didn't have anything I just HAD to sew up. But that usually doesn't make much of a difference. I need clothing badly though.

  3. Oh, please make the adjustment if you make that top or else you will need to wear a tank top underneath it.


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