Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunny Weather and Morning Sickness

For anyone who hasn't noticed the new icon in the sidebar, I am pregnant!
I have always gotten extremely sick when pregnant. Now, I know you might think I am just saying that. But I am pretty good at tolerating pain- it is probably the only thing I am good at tolerating! But throwing up every two minutes is not pain. It is sheer torture. Your body wasting away. That is never fun. I lost 25 lbs in the first trimester with my first two pregnancies. Thanks to modern drugs (zofran), I didn't have to suffer through that anymore. But the doctor was still shocked to see me losing weight while on the medication. I am hoping this time won't be so bad - since it IS a boy. And it IS a boy. That is all there is to it!
I spent all week in bed or on the couch. I wasn't to the point of actually getting sick, but I felt nauseated and didn't want to push it. Not to mention that I get light headed when I stand up for more than a minute or two. Jeff told me that sometimes he thinks I should just get up and do as much as I can until I throw up. But the he is afraid that once it starts, it won't stop. I'm afraid of that, too! After all, that is how it has worked in the past. At 6 weeks I start feeling light headed and a little sick. Over the next two weeks it slowly gets worse until I start throwing up when I eat. Then it happens more and more often until I am finally able to keep nothing down. And then it gets worse. I end up with a minute or two to rest between puking! Sorry for grossing you out!

Now, on to better things! The clouds parted, the sun shone brightly. Birds were singing. And lawn mowers were buzzing!
Yesterday, I felt okay in the afternoon. So I got up, hoping it would not go away. I went to the store with Ashley and then dropped her off at a birthday party. They got to run around and play outside in the nice sunny and 63 degree weather! Then I came home and started working on a sewing project. It lasted for just over 4 hours! I was so happy to have some relief!

Today is even better! It is 73 degrees out right now and so sunny! I think the moss in the backyard might die off. Half of the yard is covered with moss instead of grass. Nice, huh? We have gotten our garden beds finished. Planting ensued. We have herbs, veggies, lettuce, strawberries, raspberry bushes and blueberry bushes. The kids are really excited for all the berries. Too bad it will be a couple years before the raspberries and blueberries bear fruit. But it will be so nice when they do! And I am excited to have fresh basil and tomatoes this summer!
I wasn't feeling so great today, so I got to rest on the chaise lounge Jeff got for me so I could lie down outside. But then, I drank lots of water. That really did help. I have been feeling a bit dehydrated. But water seems to make my stomach feel worse. So, I just went for it. Drank a couple of cups full. Imagine my surprise when it made such a difference! I am getting very hopeful for this pregnancy. I think the sun might be coming out on this one!

Stay tuned to find out how it goes!


  1. Congrats!! I am so excited for you. I feel your pain with the sickness. I always lose weight in the begining. It sucks to feel so yucky. Zofran became my best friend. It didn't cure me but made life a little more bearable. Have you tried the fast melts?? Anyways we will be praying for you!!:)

  2. Wow. To be able to lose weight during pregnancy. what a blessing.

    I can't wait to see the garden beds. Berries are the best!

  3. sunny and 70 in oregon? what?!! that never happened when I lived there! Ha. I'm glad the sunny warm weather is making you feel better. it's amazing what a little sun will do.

  4. So...the question is this ~ will you be finding out what your having or are you one of those CRAZY people who keep it a surprise?? :) We found out with Jasmine, but didn't with Hunter. It is amazing how many people get irritated when you don't find out! We are sending boy vibes your way...everyone needs to experience a boy!


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