Thursday, February 25, 2010


For Valentine's Day, I made these cute skirts for the girls.  The wore them for 4 days! They wore them to their school parties on Thursday.  They got up Friday morning (no school day) and put them on again.  Then Saturday I insisted they not wear them all day (but they got a few hours of wearing time in) and they got washed.  They wore them again on Valentine's Day to church.  I also made matching headbands!  They are the headbands I will be teaching how to make on Saturday.  The girls absolutely LOVE their skirts and want to wear them every day.  I am glad that they turned out so well.  They are quite simple and I am thinking of making a tutorial to post here on my blog!


I have a picture of Jeff with each of our babies like this one- both sleeping.  I think it is the sweetest thing!

I have been busy packing.  I am so grateful to my friends for helping.  It is extremely difficult when you have a baby.  He needs to eat or have his diaper changed, or just wants to be held.  With the help of some friends, we have managed to pack most of Jeff's and my clothes as well as 3/4 of the kitchen.  I seem to always think I will only need so many boxes, only to realize I need twice as many.  Why do we have so much stuff???  Probably because I love to bake and cook!  I am very sad to be leaving my beautiful kitchen.  We have just one week and one day before we move.  I cannot believe it!  This just seems like it is happening so quickly.  I feel that I am not ready to leave everyone.  I am trying to stay calm for my children.  I know this has to be difficult and confusing for them.  We were packing the kids' clothes on Friday and Saturday.  When we got in the car to leave during the Open House, Natalie asked where the box of clothes was.  She wasn't sure where we were going, but she wanted to be sure her dresses were going with her!  I am afraid that loading up the truck and then getting in the van will make her think her things will end up somewhere else.  I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to ride in the back of the truck with all of her things! (she won't be able to, of course)   Alona and Ashley seem to be taking it okay.  They are sad that they are leaving their friends, naturally.  We will see if the strain on them shows more as we actually move.  Andrew doesn't really care.  He may not even notice that his surroundings will be changing.

We found a few houses online that we like.  We will be renting for awhile.  We were trying to decide between 2, but I went to look at them again and one had been leased.  It had a smaller kitchen, but was less expensive.  The kitchen is sort of the important thing for me.  Surprisingly, it can make it or break it for Jeff, too!  Of course, we don't want carpet in the living areas and we have to have at least 3 bedrooms.  We will be downsizing, but will have a much bigger garage.  The garage will actually be used to house a vehicle so that it doesn't get too hot in the summer, but there should also be room for some storage.  We sent in the application for the house today.  It has black granite tile floors downstairs.  I am not loving that.  Dust will show like crazy and it will hurt when Drew starts falling over (attempting to crawl, stand, and walk).  The kitchen is very nice (other than the tile countertops- what are people thinking? how are you supposed cut out sugar cookies when the dough gets stuck in the grout lines?)  The paint colors aren't our first choice, but its not like it will clash with our white furniture!  It is in a housing development with a community pool.  One of Jeff's co-workers lives there too.  We are hoping we get it!  If we do, next week I can get in touch with the school there.  I am not sure I am ready for this!!!!!


  1. love the skirts! especially love Natalie's boots! i hugely dislike finding a new place to live and the whole waiting to find out if you get it bites big time! hope you get what you deserve it, right?
    what are your plans for the wedding?

  2. Em, we are driving to the wedding. I don't know how long we will be staying in town before or after. I think Aurelia wants to go St. Louis early and do a spa day with the sisters and have her photographer take pictures of it. I don't know if it will happen for sure, but it would be fun!


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