Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Drew has been doing...

Drew is growing up way to quickly!  Being my last baby and my first boy, I am trying to savor every moment.  Of course, it is difficult to do that when things are so crazy around here- but we are settling in so it should be better soon!  Drew is now three and a half months old.  Oh how the time flies.  I guess I'd better get a pediatrician lined up before he is due for his 4 month check up!

This week Drew has grown by leaps and bounds.  He found his hands!  He now tries to grab things and brings them to his mouth.  He is still learning, so he misses more often than not.  He also started laughing this week.  It is the cutest thing ever!  He is such a happy little boy.  We feel so lucky to have him in our lives.  He didn't stop with that this week- he started trying to sit up.  So we put him in his bumbo seat.  He loves it for about 2 minutes.  It is good exercise.  If he is in his swing or bouncy seat he will start to lift his head and shoulders up in an attempt to sit up.  He is also sticking to the new 11pm bedtime.  I am so grateful it isn't 1-3 am anymore!  I need to find our little red camera so I can take some video of him.

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  1. He is so cute! I can't believe how big he is. I still think he was just born! haha. I wish he was here so I could hear him laugh!


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