Monday, October 4, 2010

New 'dos

The girls had ridiculously long hair.  Way too long to manage.  The knots in the back of their hair were crazy.  I could comb it out and the next morning it was back again.  So this weekend, I cut their hair.  They each chose how long (or short) they wanted it.  They were pretty much all the same!

Natalie was first.  I cut her hair on Saturday.  She wanted it just below her shoulders so that her hair won't catch when she puts a sticker on her shirt.  Kids' priorities!

Ashley as next.  I cut her hair on Sunday.  She wanted it really short.  I asked if she was sure and she said no.  She decided just below her shoulders was good as well.

Alona got hers cut on Sunday right after Ashley.  She wanted it as short as Natalie's, but it ended up being just a bit longer. 

They all LOVE their new do's.  They were excited to show everyone at school today.


  1. Megan would be so jealous of their straight hair. She spends hours with the straightener trying to reproduce that look!

  2. Laura, your ladies are all sooooo cute!!! What a talented mama you are to cute their hair I love it!


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