Thursday, November 25, 2010

In my dreams...

If money were no object, this is what would be on my Christmas wish list this year.   Alas, due to the lack of employment for anyone in our home I am quite sure it won't be happening.  I am excited, however, to say that we have acquired the main gifts for two of our four children- the two oldest.  We are still on the hunt for Natalie's main gift (a tricycle like she rode at Aunt Becca's or bike- which we have but needs a little work). As for Drew, he'll be happy with anything.  Poor boy has practically no toys, so any inexpensive toy would work but I'm hoping to find a versatile toy that can be pushed around and then eventually ridden on.  Craigslist here I come!

Anyway, here is the "in my dreams" Christmas wish list!

Threads Magazine Archives DVD
Oh, the things I could do with this!  So much information, tips, how-tos.  Fitting.  Sewing.  Sigh.

A bigger SDHC memory card for my camera (so I can take more than 177 pictures at a time).  Ok, so I'd take a 16gb or even a few 4gb or 8gb cards to switch out when I fill one up.

Wood and Supplies for this craft table (it would be my cutting table).  I'd even take it already built, but am willing to do the work myself.

A Playstation 3.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I know this has nothing to do with anything craft or hobby related, but I want one all the same.  You see, I love Rock Band.  I miss Rock Band.  It was a sad day when our PS3 died.  The kids miss it.  The husband misses it.  I miss it.

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