Thursday, November 4, 2010

Short trip to Utah

Back in October (when we seemed to be constantly on the go) we went up to Utah to see my brother-in-law, Jubal, perform as the lead in The Magic Flute at BYU.  This was 1 1/2 days after coming home from Virginia.  Of course we went up to SLC to pick up some fabric while we were up in that area.  While in SLC I thought it might be fun to go to Temple Square.  I may have been there once before, but I'm really not sure.  The kids and Jeff had never been there before.  It is absolutely beautiful there.

Here the girls are in front of one of the statues. 

Natalie was having a great time posing for me!

Drew decided to get in a little nap.

Alona lovin' the flowers.

The kids stopped to see this non-Monarch butterfly.

Beautiful plants and flowers.
More flowers.

We just couldn't get enough of them!

The girls under a tree.

I love Natalie in action.

The architecture of the Salt Lake temple is amazing. The girls loved running up the steps.

They had so much fun running around and exploring. 

Part of the Salt Lake temple.

After our day in SLC, we headed down to Provo.  We got to spend time with my sister Aurelia and her husband Jubal as well as my brother Joseph and his girlfriend Julia.  We went to the opera on Saturday evening.  Jeff and I had never been to an opera before.  It was surprisingly very funny and quite enjoyable.  Jubal was fabulous in it.  My favorite part was when the three witches fight over him and ooh and aah over him while he is "unconscious."   We also got to visit with some friends while we were there.  Our good friend Josh came to see us and we all went bowling with our friends Esther and Thad.  (Are you jealous, Kristi????)

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