Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Here are pictures of the kids opening presents.

Drew with some of his matchbox cars.
(sorry for the grainy picture- bad lighting)
Natalie being Natalie.

Natalie with her favorite toy- a pirate girl from Aunt Katy!

Alona opening emptying her stocking.

Ashley with her books (tons and tons of books) from us!

Alona got a CD player with quite a few CDs from us.  She was so happy!

Natalie got a 24 pack of playdough from us.

Drew checking out a card from grandma and grandpa.

The scene in our living room this morning.

Alona with her gifts and eating her slim jim.

Natalie's haul.

Ashley with the majority of her gifts.

In Las Vegas. Can you believe it?
Ok, so it was just imported.  Thanks to our wonderful friends for making it a white Christmas!

I hope you all enjoyed your day and were able to spend it with loved ones.


  1. I see you are just like me. I do not allow any pictures of me on Christmas morning. I look a fright!

  2. Nah, Bec- I'm always the one taking pictures. Besides, I didn't get a haul of presents like the kids did. I just got a bag of Dove chocolates (delicous!), some sudoku books (which are addictive and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them), and a new (more MB) memory card for the camera (woohoo- that one was actually on my wish list). Nobody really needs pictures of that stuff!


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