Saturday, December 11, 2010

It made my day.

Things were getting rowdy in the living room.  Drew was all wound up and running on the tiles around the fireplace.  He came over and leaned on the table next to my chair.  I didn't realize what he was doing (even though I had been watching him carefully just minutes before to prevent this from happening) and he leaned a little too much.  The table started to move and he slid right off.  He fell, cutting his lip.  I told Jeff I needed a damp wash cloth.  He brought me a wet wipe (not disposable, but a cloth wipe we use when changing his diapers).  I didn't really want to put it in his mouth- even though it was completely clean.  It would just be wrong.  I am sure he didn't realize what my intentions were for the wash cloth, so it really wasn't his fault.  I refused the wipe and told him I needed a wash cloth.  He rushed to find one.  Unfortunately, I think the concern for Drew made him tense and he was crashing doors into toys in a rush to get the wash cloth out of the cabinet upstairs.  Of course, I got upset and told him to calm down (more like I yelled at him- because he was upstairs and I was downstairs).  So here I am, cleaning up Drew's mouth so I could see exactly what the damage was.  Jeff sitting on the couch, looking less than happy about all this ruckus going on and the miscommunication and all that.  I am holding Drew trying to comfort him.  All of a sudden I hear Ashley playing the piano.  Silent Night.  The piece she is playing at the recital in a week.  Then I hear Alona start singing along.  It suddenly all became clear.  Drew was fine.  It was just a tiny cut on the inside of his lip.  The bleeding stopped.  He was happily nursing.  If I was really going to tell Jeff to calm down, maybe I didn't need to be upset myself.  Imagine that!  (Now everybody already knows that I am nowhere near perfect- maybe even farther from it than most.)  So I sat there, humbled by my daughters who were in the other room making music together.  Getting along perfectly.  Ashley had to pause in places, but Alona would figure it out and wait for her.  The way they worked together was wonderful.  I remember growing up someone would go to the piano and start playing.  Others would gather around and sing.  It was spontaneous.  Nothing stands out more in my mind than the memories of our family making music together.  For me, this is what its all about.  Music is one of the greatest joys in my life, after family and God.  So when it all combines (Silent Night being music sung/played by my family together, music about the birth of our Savior), I have to say it is an awesome thing to me.

With all that we have been going through recently, I am really trying to focus on all that is great in our lives.  We have each other.  We are all healthy.  We have food and shelter.  We have friends.  We have SUNSHINE!!!!!  (I am especially thankful for that every day, as it really makes it easier to deal with all the trials when the sun is shining.)  I am so grateful to everyone who keeps us in their prayers.  Jeff is starting a short term contract position on Wednesday.  We are so grateful for this.  We will at least be able to make it until our lease is up at the end of February.  Hopefully Jeff will have a permanent job by that time.  Of course, we don't know where this will take us.  We are hoping to stay where we are (Jeff and I both dislike moving), but will end up wherever he has a job. 

I feel so blessed right now.  That may seem strange, but it is at times like these that you can really feel the love and support of those around you.  I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for our family.  I am grateful for my wonderful children, each one of them brings something unique to our home and are such a joy to us.  I am so grateful for the little things in life that make you stop and savor the moment.

What makes your day?


  1. Reading such a beautiful post after I've been thinking of the family that I miss so much. Imagining those adorable girls playing and singing together and hoping that I'll get to see all of you in February. Thanks so much for posting Laura.

  2. Thanks! I don't see why you wouldn't be seeing us. We will definitely be here!


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