Thursday, March 8, 2007

Our House

We bought our house at the end of August, and it needed work. Before we moved in, we replaced the flooring in the three bedrooms, living room, entry and hall. We also painted all of those rooms as well as the playroom. After moving in, we needed to paint the exterior before the rain started. We got it done! It isn't pretty, but we intend to reside in a year or two anyway, so we just need it to hold up for now. It has been quite a bit of work, and there is still more to go.
In January, we replaced the front door and added a door to the entry closet. What a difference that makes! Now no one can see the cluttered closet when the enter our home. Yeah!
I think we are getting the patio door in the next couple weeks. Jeff's dad called yesterday to see if we wanted a pair of doors that were ordered wrong. That means they will be much cheaper! We currently have a really bad metal framed sliding glass door, and the new door will be one stationary door and one swinging door. I can't wait. It will also be more energy efficient as it won't let in cold air.
We are also starting on our kitchen. Jeff's Dad is making our cabinets. We are doing a shaker style door for our cabinets and are painting them white. We will be adding a bar area to the kitchen for eating. I think it will make it a better gathering place when cooking and baking, since I seem to do so much of that sort of thing. I will post pictures of our progress as things come along.

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  1. You guys are going to have a new house with-in a year! Sounds like a lot of fun


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