Monday, July 21, 2008

I can check this off the list!

Thanks to Jessica for spending an afternoon helping me clean and move furniture, I now have a clean, organized room in which to sew or have a guest sleep! I know it is not the ideal guest room, but it works! I couldn't even find the desk before! I am SEW excited! (I had to do it!)
√ 1. finish putting sewing room together
2. sew curtains
3. finish slipcover
4. paint all the trim everywhere in the house (ugh)
5. clean Natalie's room (hahahahaha)
6. find somewhere to store all the ominous bins of girls clothes they will grow into some day, but can't wear yet so I have to find somewhere to put them........
7. RELAX (if I can find the time)

The white cabinets used to be in the living room. I moved them so the living room could be more clean and simple! The cabinets behind the door hold my patterns in baskets as well as some other sewing supplies.

I have fabric in the space saver bags under the couch. The shelves above store craft supplies and fabric as well. The dog on the couch is getting a hole patched this week. There is also a curtain on the couch for the window but I have to buy a curtain rod for it this week!

This is my sewing desk. We got the peg board and painted to match when I was setting up shop in the dining room. It doesn't look terrible with the pink but I might paint it a different color some day. I have fabric stored in the cabinets above it.

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  1. looks great! I love having space! feeling cluttered makes me cranky! I'm so glad you're keeping up with your blog. I'm working on it. But TODAY!!! we got high speed internet!!! we are stoked! my life seems complete now. Ha. You're girls are beautiful!!


I love to have your positive comments! Thank you. :)

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