Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School! (and other news)

The girls right before we left for the school.

Alona sitting at her desk in her classroom.
My brother Charles has arrived! He showed up yesterday for my birthday! Okay, maybe not because it was my birthday, but he is here anyway! I am so glad to have him visit for a while before he heads up to Seattle for school.
He came into the living room this morning and saw the girls as we were getting ready to leave. He asked if the school had uniforms! No, I am just a freak. Sorry to disappoint. I bought these outfits for the girls a couple of months ago and they will probably be wearing them in our holiday picture, too.

(now for the other news)
Charles came out to the living room this evening and announced that he was going for a run. When he returned he sat on the couch for a bit. Then, out of the blue, he smiles and, laughing lightly, says that Kelly emailed and said its over. (Charles knows I am including this in my blog, so don't be alarmed) I can't believe people are okay with email breakups. At least it was nice and not in a text. So far he is doing okay. We'll see how he feels over the next couple of weeks. He just wants to make sure people don't get mad and think Kelly is awful or mean. I guess he knew it was probably coming from previous discussions they had.
Oh, and Jeff got me a SWEET iPod Touch for my birthday! Thanks, Jeff! You are the most awesome husband and the love of my life!

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