Friday, September 19, 2008

A funny story....

So, while Charles was here he wanted to make some zucchini bread with our monstrous zucchini. So he started while I was out. I am a bit odd in my cooking/baking as I have given myself over somewhat to the Eat 4 Your Blood Type way of living. I am not completely changed, but I do use some different foods. Here is a picture of my baking supplies. Some of the containers are labeled, some are not. Only one or two are labeled correctly. The sugar is labeled "pasta", the brown sugar is labeled correctly, the corn starch is labeled "baking soda", the white spelt flour labeled "cake", and the whole spelt flour labeled "unbleached". If you double click the picture, you will be able to see the labels. So, imagine Charles trying to figure out where my white wheat flour is stored without knowing I also have spelt flour in there. I walked in and he said he had figured out the white flour was labeled "cake". Oops. I told him it was spelt. Little did I realize he probably also used corn starch instead of baking soda. The white wheat flour is in a canister on the counter below the cupboard. He would never even think to look there! The corn starch thing wasn't even discovered until about a week later when he was baking a cake! I forgot to tell him that spelt flour uses less liquid. You should have seen the bread. It was about and inch and a half high, maybe two inches. It was so moist, it didn't really seem like it was cooked all the way when you look at it. I should have taken a picture. It was pretty funny. Charles wasn't too thrilled with it, but the kids, Jeff, and I loved it! It tasted fine, just REALLY moist and dense! Poor Charles will probably never want to bake at my house again. So now I have determined that I really need to relabel all of my baking goods. Sorry for the confusion Charles! The bread tasted good to me! I think I made up for my confusing kitchen when I made an apron for him to give to Kelly, who, by the way, is his girlfriend again- for real this time! Yay! Maybe she will send a picture of herself in the apron...

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  1. That is SO funny!! I love the picture! I will come over and help you relabel anytime, I know with three girls it must be hard lol!


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