Sunday, September 14, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

So, tomorrow Charles will be leaving us. He is heading off to learn to be a Naturopathic Doctor in Seattle at Bastyr. We will miss him. I am not so sure that he will be so sad to have a little peace and quiet. Natalie has not left him alone much.
I think he really has enjoyed spending time with his favorite nieces. hehehe. I sure have enjoyed his help with the dishes! It has been hard to do much with my right hand being out of commission. I had a lump between my knuckles removed, and couldn't get the stitches wet. When they took the stitches out, the incision wasn't closed yet. It is starting to heal a little more now. It is really hard to remember not to use your dominant hand! I'd show you a picture, but its not very pretty!

Here she is playing the guitar while Charles sings (and plays). Charles cut his hair the next day!

Friday night we headed over to the coast. It was chilly and very windy. Charles and I are the only ones who got out of the car. I stayed long enough to get a few pictures and then went back to the warm car while he played a little longer. The pictures aren't great because it wasn't very light with all the ocean mist.

Charles stood on a log and leaned forward to see how long the wind would keep him up!

I am very sad to see Charles go. But, Jessica and I already have plans to go to Seattle in November for a weekend! Maybe more family will come visit soon......

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