Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swim Lessons

The girls had their first swim lessons today! I know, we are way behind. But we are trying to catch up. And I have to say, every single one of the girls got right in the water and were completely happy! They love the water and have definitely spent time in it during the summer. Now we are just gonna teach them to swim without any type of floating device. Ashley and Alona are quite capable of getting around in the water if they have something holding them up. So now they just need to learn to hold themselves up on their own! Here are some pictures.

Natalie was in the same class as her cousin Dylan. She had a blast!

Alona was in the same class as her cousin Ashten. She loved it!

Ashley has dance when the other kids are at swim lessons, so she goes later than the rest of them.

Front floats.

Jeff took the girls this morning. Photos are from his iPhone.

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