Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Tree Fights Back

Jeff has been working on cutting down the maple tree in the back yard. It is really overgrown and is a pain. There is no grass on half of our back yard, just moss. Thanks to the shade from the giant tree. There is also not a lot of room in our backyard because we have two overgrown trees, a swing set, and a patio. We want to build a deck that will run the length of the house, so we need to clear some room.
So today he was cutting the tree. He used a pole saw and got all he could from the ground. Then he grabbed a ladder and started climbing. The ladder wasn't very stable against the tree, so he climbed onto some of the thick nubs of branches that were left and started cutting again. He was attempting to get back on the ladder to climb down when the smaller branch nub he put his foot on gave way. I was watching from the couch inside. He fell and his arms went up as he slid down against the tree. I though for sure he had broken his arm. Not so. He has nasty cuts (maybe gouges) on two fingers and his arms were pretty scraped. He is lucky he didn't get hurt worse!
Here is a picture of one arm:



  1. way to show that tree who's boss! good going Jeff. You have a battle wound from the weekend that you can get sympathy from the guys at work with.

  2. I think OUCH says it pretty good! that looks painful, however he was blessed in not getting hurt worse!!


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