Thursday, September 10, 2009

School's In Session

Ashley and Alona started school yesterday. This year Alona is in first grade and Ashley is in third grade. They were both so excited to go back. I have to admit, for the first time, I was excited for them to go to school, too! It has been a long, stressful summer and I was ready for a break. The girls had a hard time getting up so early the first day. Needless to say, they fell asleep right away last night! So far this afternoon is looking much better- no whining as soon as they entered the house.

Natalie and I are trying to keep busy. Today we went on a 3 mile walk. What was I thinking? Three miles is a long way when you haven't walked more than a few feet in 27 weeks. I am finding it really difficult to move right now! But it was so nice to get out and move. I am hoping that with just Natalie at home I can get some sewing projects done.

I hope this school year is a good one and the girls learn new and exciting things!

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