Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slipcovers for the chairs

I bought these chairs back in July of 2008! I had to wait to order the fabric to make new slipcovers for quite a while. I think I finally got the fabric in February this year. I planned to make them and even cut out the pieces for one chair. I was trying to get a good start before morning sickness struck, but it just didn't happen. So now, with an open house looming this Sunday, I figured I should get on it. So I cut out the bias strips for the cording on Tuesday night. Wednesday was rather busy, so I didn't get any time to sew. Thursday- totally different story. I have been sewing up a storm!

First I started by sewing all of the bias strips together. Then I sewed the strips with the cording:

I only had a few inches of fabric left when I ran out of cording. I was so surprised. I just cut strips until I didn't want to anymore and it worked out about as perfectly as I could imagine! I usually have yards of bias strip left- either that or I am yards short. This picture shows the ends of the bias strip and the cording:

And just in case you were wondering, I have a special cording foot that I use. Some people use a zipper foot, but this is just so much easier when you are doing a lot of cording!

I then moved on to the actual slipcover. I started with the front side. I got the inside pieces put together:

I sewed the the back and sides together. Then I added the cording. Then I put it all together:

The skirt is the next part I worked on. I sewed the cording to the bottom of the main slipcover and then sewed the hemmed skirt pieces on. I am done! Oh, wait- I still have the cushion to sew. Oh well. Maybe I'll finish it tonight!!!!!

I put together all of the edge pieces for the cushion first. Then I sewed the cording to both sides of it. I sewed the top and bottom of the cushion on after that. And here it is- completed in one day! An amazing feat for me.

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