Friday, October 9, 2009

In honor of my mother:

I will love all of my children equally. I will love them no matter what they may do, and I won't treat them badly when I don't agree with their decisions.


  1. I'm confused. Are these things your Mom did or didn't do? It kind of sounds like you think these are things she didn't do, so you'll do it differently. That might be more of a dishonor, than an honor.

  2. Since we share the same mother I feel confident in saying that most of these things are things she DID do and thus it is an honor to try and emulate her. For example: cleaning up our vocabulary--I still remember her saying: lets come up with something else to say instead of "that pisses me off". Of course being teenagers, we immediately started listing all kinds of alternatives such as "that really chaps my hide" etc. It wasn't quite what she was hoping for. Anyone else remember that?

  3. Oh the memories! Thanks for sharing that Becca.

    My mother was probably the closest thing to a perfect mother I could possibly think of. She always put her children and family first. I know she wasn't perfect, but I couldn't have asked for a better mother. It seems that no matter what, I will always think that I fall short in my attempts at motherhood because of the awesome example that she set. I loved her very much and don't see how anyone would assume that in honor of my mother I would try to show her up. In honor of my mother I will try to emulate her and the things that she taught me. This is a way for me to write down what I feel I can do better to honor her and what she taught me. I know that she loved me- even when I had turned against everything she taught me and was doing things that I know had to hurt her. She made sure that I always knew that she loved me and never treated me badly because of what I was doing. There were consequences for doing wrong, but that is not the same as being rude or mean to someone because you don't agree with their decisions. She made it clear that she didn't agree or approve but made sure I knew she loved me.

  4. And, I should add, that you obviously didn't know my mother-anonymous person- nor do you seem to know me at all. To think that I would dishonor my mother in such a way really "chaps my hide!!!!!!!"
    Thanks for being anonymous.

  5. Your Mother was the nearest too perfect I have ever seen and even My children use her as there examples in the way they are raising there children!
    Your Mom truly loved you all unconditionally!


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