Saturday, June 28, 2008

My sewing projects!

My latest sewing project was a wedding dress. It was already made, but it needed to be taken in and hemmed to be shorter. It is a strapless dress and has lace and beading. Not so easy. You have to take off the lace and beading to take it in. Oh, and the zipper too!. The hem was done with horsehair braid (not made with real horsehair in case you wanted to know) and sewn to the lining. Trying to figure out how to sew it together again was fun! I spent 13 hours straight working on it Thursday night/Friday morning (9pm-10am). The beadwork is tedious. I got it done and it looks beautiful. I will take some pictures at the wedding and post them.

Now that it has finally gotten warm, I need to make summer clothes for the girls! It finally got over 80˚yesterday! Of course it went from 72˚to 95˚and is supposed to go back to the lower 70s all in one week! I will take pictures and keep updating all the projects I do this summer.

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