Sunday, June 29, 2008

The quilts

I started making quilts for the girls three years ago. Then I got pregnant with Natalie. Of course, being as sick as I am when pregnant, I was unable to finish them. Then I was too busy with a newborn to start on them again. Then came the move to the new house, and all the remodeling that came along with it. So now it has been about 9 months without any excuse not to finish them. I got a quilt frame from church and it has been sitting there for a couple weeks now. I finally got it set up! I can't believe I am actually making progress! I feel like I have finally broken free of the grey clouds and am living in sunshine again (literally and figuratively- I live in Oregon after all). So here it is. I used the PBKids Kasey quilt as a basis for this one. I think Ashley will be grateful to have a quilt (finally- in the middle of the summer)! Then I have to quilt the one for Alona. It is already put together and ready to go on the frame when this one is completed. It is the same pattern.

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