Monday, January 26, 2009

bathroom remodel - demolition

We really demo'ed our bathroom over the weekend. And by we, I mean Jeff. He took out the vanity and the tub. We brought the new vanity home from his Dad's shop. We put it in the bathroom temporarily. I still have to paint it. We will move it out when we bring in the new tub and then put it back again.
After Jeff finally got the drain off, he pulled the tub away from the wall and swept it out.

This is the old nasty tub. It was only slightly cleaner looking inside before all this. It was pretty gross.

This is our new vanity. The washcloths are so we don't get oily fingers on the wood before its painted when we have to move it.

Josh came over and helped Jeff remove the tub from the building. This is what it looks like now. The dark stuff on the walls is just the bottom layer of laminate that stuck to the glue when we took down the shower surround. Not mold or anything nasty like that.

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