Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Ashley turned 8 this year! She is growing up so quickly. It is kind of sad to think that she is not going to be a little girl for much longer. I am so proud of her decision to be baptized, though. She is a very intelligent young lady with a good desire to do what is right. We are so glad she is a part of our family!

She had a birthday party with friends this year. We had it at our house. She was sick for a whole week, and then I was out of town, so the invitations didn't get out till the week of the party. Not many of the kids she invited from school could attend, so we invited some church friends and their cousins. It ended up being quite a nice turnout! They sure had fun. We even ended the party with a little Eye of the Tiger on Rock Band 2. The kids did really well. They played the song 3 times - rotating players- and only failed out the last time 93% of the way through. That isn't bad.

Ashley and some others dancing.

The cupcakes.

Ashley trying not to breath on the candle and accidently blow it out early.

This is Natalie attacking a cupcake. She really only eats the frosting.

Ashley and Alona with a friend at the party.

The next day we had a family birthday party. She got a brush for her American Girl Doll. She also got a scrapbooking set.

A Hannah Montana doll.

And the highlight of her birthday- Bionicles! Thanks to her cousins! She really wanted one.

Uncle Garren helped her put it together. With 2 boys who love bionicles, he is quite the expert.

Natalie loves playing the dance game Celina's kids gave Ashley at the first party!

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