Monday, January 5, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Gone Bad

Someone had this awesome idea back in the 80s to cover our bathroom walls with faux tile paneling. Not pretty. And to top that off, they glued it on. With a lot of glue. Over plaster walls. Thanks. I don't like you very much, people who did that!

This panel stuff is a fiber board, so it breaks easily. See:

And it tears off the plaster because of the glue. See:

Here is Jeff trying to get it off.

And here is the lovely wall once it is removed. Thanks so much for ruining the walls! Did I mention that I don't like you for that one people. A little glue would've gone a long way. Or better yet, nails. Have you heard of them! They aren't that expensive!

Sorry about that. Can you tell how frustrated I am. Now I have to put up bead board all the way to the ceiling on the back walls. That is not really the look I was going for. Oh, well. Such is life.


  1. Good luck with this one! I am sure it will look beautiful once you are finished with it! You do such a great job at remodeling!

  2. I'll come back and help if you need, that was the most exercise i've had in a while, pretty sad huh?


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