Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bathroom goes down...

So as I was finishing up on the computer after posting the last post, I heard what sounded like Natalie echoing in the bathroom. I went looking, and sure enough she was in the bathtub. I told her to get out of the bathroom. She got mad and stomped her feet really fast as she walked across the tile that had been laid only 3 hours earlier. The whole row of tiles sank. I can't tell you how livid I was/am. I put her in her room for a nap and tried to call my Dad. I figured he would still be on a plane. He was. I called my sister Becca because she used to lay tile with my dad. She told me to pick the tiles up and reset them with more mortar. Yay! Just what I want to do. I have never tried to tile anything before. So I called a friend who has a notched trowel and we went to get it. I told Natalie she would be going straight back to bed when we got home. She must have sensed how angry I was because as soon as we got home she went straight to bed.
I started mixing mortar. I just love inhaling the dust! Not really. Please sense my not so happy yet sarcastic tone as I am writing all of this. I think I got mortar just about everywhere I possibly could. The tiles aren't very straight and evenly separated. I had to lean against the door that opens into the bathroom from my bedroom, so it was really hard to stay on the already messed up tiles while removing the tiles across the room next to the tub. If you look at the previous post, they are the row of tiles on the left going straight from the entry to the tub. I just hope they are okay.

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