Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seattle (the bridal shower)

I went to Seattle last week to visit Charelly (Charles and Kelly) and attend Kelly's bridal shower. I took the train! I had never been on a train before, so it was a different experience for me. It was really late leaving Eugene. I only got in about 45 minutes late in Seattle, though. It was a nice relaxing visit with no kids!
I left Wednesday and got there at about 9:15 pm. Charles met me at the station and then we headed out to pick Kelly up from work. Her car was having some difficulties so Charles took her to work every day and then picked her up. It is quite out of his way and very thoughtful of him. After we got Kelly, we drove back to her house where I would be staying. It was late, so we went to bed.
Thursday, Charles had to get to class, so Kelly and I drove to downtown Seattle and did a little shopping at Gap Maternity (for me, not for Kelly). I found a cute dress for $15, a shirt for $5, a pair of jeans for $25, and a skirt and capris that were not so cheap! Oh well, the skirt will be perfect for the wedding and the capris are great in the summer weather. I also now have more than one outfit to wear this summer-always a good thing. We headed back to pick up Charles and fought traffic on our way to Royal India for dinner. I am a huge fan of Indian food, so I was excited. I had the lamb curry, as always. It was a nice evening and Charelly are very entertaining (always the jokers).
On Friday, Kelly and I went down to the public market (Pike's Place) in Seattle. Charles was making up a lab he missed a few days earlier. It was fun to hang out and be a "tourist" there. I took the camera and got some great pics of Kelly holding a huge salmon. We got some lemonade and $1 bread. I was looking for a doughnut vendor because the kids' pediatrician said there were some awesome cinnamon doughnuts that I just had to try. We found it about 8 minutes after it closed. Bummer. Charelly have promised to bring some the next time they visit.
That night was the bridal shower. It was a lot of fun. We played wedding memory and I won 3 prizes (3 matches). Kelly won 2, one of which was the groom for which they gave her a Big Hunk candy bar. I thought that was an appropriate one for her to get. We also made wedding dresses out of toilet paper. They also had tulle ribbon, tape, staplers and scissors (which I think is cheating, but oh well). Everyone was so creative. It was a great time with great food and awesome people! I am so glad I got to go.
Saturday, Charelly took me to the train station bright and early. We walked around downtown for about 15 minutes while we waited for the train to start boarding. It is always sad to leave them, but I was glad to get home to my kids and Jeff. Kelly said I should visit again, every day. Maybe she gets bored on her days off? But I will try to visit more often, after the honeymoon phase!

Kelly and our wedding dress models. (Kelly and I were working on the one on the far right)

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  1. sounds like a fun time Laura, I'm jealous you got to go off by yourself like that, good for you!!


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