Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Driving to Kansas

The kids and I are leaving for Charelly's wedding this weekend. It is a very busy weekend. The girls have dance recitals and practices. And Ashley has a piano recital. And I have an appointment with my doctor. Sixteen week check up. Four more weeks and I'll be halfway there! So we have a rehearsal on Thursday afternoon for Alona, doctor Friday morning, a birthday party Ashley wants to attend early Friday afternoon, Ashley's rehearsal Friday at 4:00, Ashley's piano recital Friday at 7:00, Alona's dance recital Saturday at 1:00, and Ashley's dance recital Saturday at 4:00. All while I have to pack the car for our 2 week road trip. Boy, is that a lot to do!
We will be leaving on Sunday morning. Jeff is flying out to meet us (saving 6 days of vacation by not driving with us). I was trying to find someone to go with us, but I guess that's not happening. Its a three day drive. I am dreading it. I am, however, very excited to see all of my family and attend the wedding!!!!! My doctor has instructed me to take breaks frequently when driving to avoid blood clots. I think I'll take that advice. I just hope I won't be too sick or tired. I get so tired lately. I will post when I get to Kansas! I plan to take many, many pictures while I am there.

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