Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost There

Today I am 38 weeks!!!!! I am so ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing.  It is not easy for me (with sickness and then ridiculous amounts of pain).  I can hardly walk anymore.  I am, however, keeping my eye on the prize- a cute baby boy I can dress in all those stripes!  My doctor will induce me at 39 weeks, so I am hoping we can do it next Saturday, although I might have to wait a few days till she is the on call doctor at the hospital.  I am hoping I won't have to wait.  I can't have this baby soon enough at this point!  The girls are so excited for it and so are Jeff and myself.

The hospital here has taken extreme (in my opinion) measures and banned children under 18 and then under 12 and then back and forth and whatever...!  I want my girls to be the first ones to meet him.  With them not allowed to visit, this just makes it more difficult.  I did hear yesterday that the ban was lifted for healthy siblings.  We will see if this is still the case when I deliver.  My plan is to only stay at the hospital the very minimum time I have to (just like I did with Alona and Natalie).  If they aren't allowing my children to visit at the hospital then I will come home, Jeff will pick them up from wherever they are staying and we will spend some time together as a family.  The girls are just so excited and I am so happy about that!  Then others can visit.  If they allow my children to visit at the hospital, (again) Jeff will pick them up and bring them to the hospital so we can have some time together as a family.  Then I will probably head home before anyone can visit, but if people really want to visit after the kids have been there then go ahead!

Jeff is cleaning the treadmill so he can put it in the office!  Then I can walk a lot (without risk of falling down in the rain) and hopefully get this little guy to come out sooner!  I can hardly wait!!!!

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