Monday, November 16, 2009

Too Cute!

We had parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago. When we met with Ashley's teacher she showed up some of her work. She had a paper where she wrote her favorite subject, least favorite subject, what she was good at and what she needed to try harder at. She wrote that she liked Math and Reading the most. For things she needed to try harder she wrote "nothing." For what she liked the least, she wrote recess- because she isn't learning and she likes to learn! The teacher whole heartedly agreed that she didn't need to try harder at anything as she already tries her best in everything she does. I loved the recess comment!

She also made a picture one day about a month ago. She brought it to me and asked if my friend could print it on a huge banner at her work so she could hang it up outside. It had a picture of a dinosaur and she had written "buy Ashley Hojnacke's house." It was just so cute.

I love that she is so thoughtful and so eager to learn!

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  1. The banner idea is hilarious. She might consider a career in marketing or advertising.


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