Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

This year we went to LA for Christmas.  My sister Catherine is living there for a year (her husband is in the Army).  This is the closest we will probably ever live to each other, so I thought we should go for Christmas while we have the chance.  As soon as I found out that she was moving there, I told her we should go to Disneyland for Christmas.  My sister Rebecca, who lives in Arizona, thought it was a great idea, too.  So there was an informal plan.  Of course, as it got closer, we found out that another sister, Erin, wanted to come as well.  She would bring my dad and little sister Anna with her as well.   Everyone else wouldn't arrive until after Christmas, though. 

So Christmas day was just my family and Catherine's family.  It was a nice day.  The kids loved their presents.  Disneyland was the present from the parents, so they only had stockings and  presents from each other.  They gave each other jewelry and head bands.

Alona and Natalie got 2 legos in their stockings- along with some candy.

Natalie got a necklace from Ashley and headbands from Alona.

Ashley got a bracelet from Alona and headbands from Natalie.  She also got fashion design stuff in her stocking along with a pack of 50 colored pencils.

Alona got a necklace from Ashley and bracelets from Natalie.  


Natalie found this tiara and wore it everywhere!

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