Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More of Christmas Vacation

Because of the stomach flu, Disneyland was put on hold for an extra day.  So we headed to the beach to visit a small aquarium.  It was so warm compared to Oregon weather. 

Alona just loves her little brother!

Alona thought the waves crashing on the shore was awesome!

Ashley wave watching with Aunt Becca.

The birds aren't afraid of us.

All of the kids watching the waves (oh, and Jeff too).

Alona checking out the marine life.

Ashley looking blasé.
Alona touching the marine life.  Only touching with one finger was allowed!

Natalie found a friend in the kids area at the aquarium.

So many starfish, so little time.

I love how they were so enthralled.

Cousin Chloe.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the aquarium and all of the kids wanted to know why we couldn't swim in the water on the beach.  Maybe because it was only 65 degrees that day!

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