Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Grandma Lil and Uncle Grandpa

While in the LA area, we visited with Jeff's Grandmother.  Of course, his Uncle Gary was there.  He is known as Uncle Grandpa to my children (because he looks so much like Jeff's dad and the kids kept calling him Grandpa). It was so nice to visit with them, but it was too short.  We were looking forward to visiting them on a second day, but it got canceled due to illness.  We were quite sad.

Uncle Grandpa and his great nephew Andrew.

Great Grandma and Andrew.

The girls were so excited to play Sorry! with Uncle Grandpa.

Alona picking oranges.

Ashley and Natalie picking oranges.
Taking a break from picking oranges.

Great Grandma has an orange tree and an avocado tree in her back yard.  The avocados were done for the season, but the oranges were in great supply and oh so delicious!  We picked a bunch and took them back to Aunt Catherine's to share.  Everyone loved them!  We also took home quite of few of the popcorn balls that Great Grandma makes.  I also made sure to get the recipe from her so we could continue her tradition of making them each year at Christmas.

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