Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Politics

I usually try not be political. Lately, I have been seeing some ads on the television for Measures 66 & 67. These are for the state of Oregon, but anyone in any state can still read this as it might affect them one day as well. 

These measures would increase taxes on business and individuals who make more than $250,000.  These ads have people complaining about banks taking bailouts and credit card companies raising interest rates and then has the gall to say that it is time to make the rich pay- and that these two measures will do just that.  Well, how many of the really really rich are really going to pay that much more.  They will find loop holes.  And how many of those banks that took bailouts and credit card companies are here in Oregon and will really pay that much more.  Think about it, $250,000 for a business is not really all that much.  And for an individual, it is marginally well off.  Its not like someone who makes that amount in 1 year is really really rich. These measures will only hurt small businesses, create job losses, and increase state spending because more people will rely on state assistance.

Our state government is increasing spending continually.  They can create more funds by decreasing spending.  THESE MEASURES WILL NOT BRING IN MORE MONEY FOR SCHOOLS!!!! Do not be fooled by the commercials they are airing!  Research the measures on your own.  Be sure you are reading unbiased information. Increasing taxes for anyone will not help our economy. 

For more on these measures you can visit my friend Kristin's blog.  She posted about these measures and did it very eloquently.  She explains in greater detail the effects of these measures.

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