Thursday, October 23, 2008

It has arrived! (Rock Band 2, that is.)

12:01 Saturday night found Jeff at Walmart buying Rock Band 2. I was asleep in my nice warm bed, by the way. Sunday, Josh came over to play with us. As we were playing (Jeff on guitar, Josh on drums, and myself singing) Josh complained that his drums weren't picking up all the beats. He and Jeff decided to go to Best Buy to exchange them along with a guitar. They came with the original Rock Band and we had the protection plan on them. They got there and the service manager offered to exchange them for Rock Band 2 with the instruments for $29! What a trade! It is normally $180! And we didn't have to return the Rock Band disk. So now we have the newer instruments as well as several microphones (cause you know I break those all the time with my awesome vocal ability, hehehehe...). So now we have played it Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Maybe we'll play again tonight. I have to say, Spoonman by Soundgarden was THE MOST awesome and fun song to play! A little rough on the vocals, but not too bad since I already knew it. The kids love that one! The best part about RB2 is that the kids can play now that they have a no fail mode! If you think the original Rock Band is enough, RB2 has some awesome songs and really neat features! We just participated in a Battle last night! We were ranked #211. Not so great, but we also don't have a bassist right now, so we can't get as good a score as a full band. We are raked #27 on Moving to Seattle by The Material, with only 3 band members!
Can you tell I am obsessed? I just love singing. And music in general!
Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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  1. It sounds like so much fun! I'm trying to talk Peter into RB2 for Christmas. . . we'll see :)


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