Friday, October 24, 2008

Tagged (times two!)

7 things.....

1. I have lots of gray hair! (and I am not currently covering it up)

2. Anything pumpkin (food that is) reminds me of my Dad, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas and then Christmas caroling and sitting in the back of the van wishing I wasn't caroling because I was being a difficult teenager......

3. Jeff gets the kids off to the bus every morning while I sleep in! (I'm livin' the life!)

4. My childhood dream was to be a famous singer.

5. I love asparagus. yumm

6. Even with all the mistakes I've made, I wouldn't change anything even if I could. (I wouldn't have my life now if it weren't for all those mistakes)

7. I'm high maintenance! (but who didn't know that about me?)

I'm not tagging anyone this time.... You can do this if you feel up to it!

Next Tag:

4th and 4th Tag

So here are the rules of the game. Go to your pictures folder and take the fourth picture from the fourth file and post it. That's it.

This is a picture of my Mom (on the left) in Florida. She and my Dad went to the Hippocrates Health Institute to learn about a raw diet. This was one of her last pictures. How appropriate since this is breast cancer awareness month and she died in October as well! To all you women, please do self exams and get regular mammograms.

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  1. Alena Cosman De SomerDecember 11, 2008 at 9:15 AM

    I hadn't seen your mom in YEARS, but even when she was sick, she was as beautiful as ever.
    She will be remembered by many. I remember making fudge with her when I was a beehive or miamaid. And doing my first "chinese fire drill" around your van...and then she got pulled over for having all these girls running around the van at a train track. We had some good times!! She was mortified to say the least!! ;-)


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