Friday, March 13, 2009

The Best Dad Ever

Last Friday Jeff had Natalie, Alona, and I meet him for lunch and a tour around his work. We wanted to go to Subway, but it was packed and we were limited on time. So we went to Jack In The Box. The girls loved it. Then we headed back to his work. He showed us all around. Then the girls wanted to play in the "garage" so we headed back down there. There are a couple of TVs with all of the different game consoles and games to play. There is also a ping pong table. We showed Alona how to play. Natalie pretended to be the PingPong Bandit from the Backyardigans episode "Blazing Paddles." If you haven't seen it, you should. It was so funny to watch the kids singing the songs from the episode and Alona trying to do the Bandit Slammit! Natalie would take away our paddles just like the PingPong Bandit did on the show when someone lost a game to him. The girls and I had so much fun! And Alona only got hit in the forehead with a pingpong ball once!

This week Jeff took his girls out on lunch dates. It started on Wednesday with Natalie. He came home from work and picked her up. Then they headed off to McDonalds. It was obviously Natalie's choice. She had a great time and loved all of the one on one attention!
Thursday was Alona's turn. She wanted a milkshake and chose to go to Sonic. She drew a map that had our house and an arrow that went all the way around the page to a building labeled Sonic! She showed it to Daddy and said "this is where we're going!" It was so cute. She had a wonderful time. I think she would love to go to lunch with him every day if she could.
Friday there was no school, so it was Ashley's turn. She chose Burger King. She was so excited, but she doesn't talk about things quite as much as her little sisters.

I am not sure the girls in our family fully appreciate what a great Dad they have. Just so he knows, Jeff is the Best Dad Ever! (Sorry to any other dads out there who might be offended!) He absolutely loves and adores each of his girls! And they are happy and love him very much, too. I don't think these pictures even begin to hint at the love that is in our home between Daddy and his girls, but I will show them anyway just to give you an idea. I wish I had all of the pictures we took when Ashley was a baby on the computer- there are so many of her and Jeff!

At the coast with Natalie and Alona.

At the coast with Natalie, Alona, and Ashley.

Easter with Alona.

Just messin' around with Natalie.

Building a snowman with Ashley and Alona.

Reading to Ashley, Alona, and Natalie.

Lunch at Wildlife Safari with Alona and Natalie.

At the pumpkin patch with Natalie.

Napping with Alona.

Showing Alona how petals are thrown at Kari's wedding.

Helping Natalie impersonate Gene Simmons.

Showing Ashley how to wash the car.

At the coast with Alona.

Chillin' with Alona!

Helping Alona eat her 1st birthday cake.

Ashley and Alona helping him study!

At the Army Ball with his FAVORITE GIRL!!!!!

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  1. look at your hair!!! I don't think i've ever seen it that long! What a fun dad..he loves his girls!! Ben's a little softy with Ellie....especially when she cuddles with him...yeah for dads!!
    getting excited to see you in June. I think Ellie and Natalie are going to have fun together!


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