Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life has been kinda blah lately. The kids are busy, busy, busy. They play with legos, each other, and stuff they shouldn't. What's new?! Oh, that is my life. :) My children. How I love them.
Ashley's sweet innocent face. She is always so sleepy lately. I will take her to the doctor on Thursday. They will check her iron and maybe see if she has seasonal allergies.
Alona's big blue eyes that can just eat right through to your heart. One look is all it takes. She is enjoying her new dance class- intro to hip hop/jazz. It is more her pace than ballet was. She loves when I volunteer in her kindergarten class on Wednesdays.
Natalie's big silly toothy grin followed by her pretend doggy pant! Then she gives me a quick kiss(lick really, after all she is a doggy) and runs off to play again. She is into everything! She is so curious and just wants to experience it all. She absolutely refuses to give in to what I want her to wear. She would wear the same dress every day if she could. I have to hide the dress from her so she will wear something else!
I wouldn't give them up for the world! They are what I live for everyday. My sweet beautiful little girls!

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