Monday, March 2, 2009

Engagement Photo Shoot

I went up to Seattle over the weekend to take Charles and Kelly's engagement picture. We drove up to Deception Pass to take them. It was about an hour and half from Kelly's house.
Charles is always playing around, so it was so much fun. This is how it went. They had to walk over all the logs to get to the water. Charles was such a gentleman and helped Kelly down. Then there was a bit of rock climbing mixed with kissing! What else do you expect? They are in love! There was a cool tree stump that they leaned on for a bit and then Charles had to twirl Kelly around. Then they found a seagull perched on a concrete bench and Charles just had to feed it a grape. It didn't ever take the grape. It flew away (the bird, not the grape) and they played around on the bench for a bit. We warmed up in the car for a bit after that and then headed back out for more fun. This time they played teeter-totter on a log! Then Charles wanted a picture of him holding Kelly in the water (cause really, what kind of trip would it be without Charles ending up in the water?). He got in and then started to sink! It was quite funny, but I was afraid they were going to fall all the way in! They didn't. Kelly just ended up with one really wet foot!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Laura. You have a great talent. These two look like they are really happy... I'm so glad that you are gaining another 'sister' into your crew. Great job!!!


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